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Tune in to The CubeLA Podcast

Dr. Theodore Friedman sits down with Dr. Thomas Hughes to discuss a variety of topics related to Thyroid health and disease.

Sarah Godoy sits down with Dr. Thomas Hughes to discuss a variety of topics related to sex trafficking.

Mini-episode that is audio only with things to know when selecting a mental health provider.

Dr. Thomas Hughes sits down with forensic psychiatrist Dr. Donald Brown to discuss how mental health providers and the justice system in California work together.

Dr. Timothy Fong and Dr. Thomas Hughes sat down to have an open discussion about Cannabis in the United States. Topics included, but were not limited to: legalization of cannabis, stigma, medical benefits of cannabis, harmful effects of cannabis, and barriers to more research.

Dr. Thomas Hughes sat down with Norm Gold to discuss the development of a grocery store in Richmond, Va. The Market @ 25th is located in Church Hill, a neighborhood on the East End of Richmond. Church Hill, like many neighborhoods in the U.S., is located in what is known as a food desert. This is an area in the U.S. where quality food is located out of reasonable reach for the people that live there.

Dr. Thomas Hughes and Dr. Ara Darakjian sat down to discuss the Low Carb/Ketogenic Diet. They discussed the implementation of the Ketogenic diet, the diet’s effect on mental health, the theory behind why the Keto diet works, and the likelihood of it’s effectiveness.