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Meet Dr. Thomas Hughes

Psychiatrist for Teens and Young Adults in Los Angeles

When interested in getting help for yourself or a loved one, you may not know how. When emotional and behavioral problems arise, many find that they lack the tools to provide the meaningful help that is needed.  When these situations occur, you should turn to a trained professional for additional assistance.

Dr. Thomas Hughes is a psychiatrist that specializes in helping teens and young adults overcome complex issues like internet gaming disorder, depression, and PTSD.

Is Dr. Hughes the right psychiatrist for you? There are many psychiatrists in the Los Angeles area, making it a challenge to choose the best doctor. Learn more about Dr. Hughes and his treatment philosophy.

If this approach to care resonates with you, schedule your first visit to meet Dr. Hughes and explore your options for treatment. Call our office at 213-433-2823 [-CUBE] or contact us to learn more.

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Get To Know Dr. Hughes, Los Angeles Psychiatrist

Fostering relationships with both adults and teens comes naturally to Dr. Hughes, a skill he uses every day as he helps young people to overcome challenges and discover the tools they need to thrive.

Dr. Hughes is board certified in child/adolescent and adult psychiatry.  His office is centrally located in Los Angeles, CA.

What Conditions Can Dr. Hughes Treat?

Dr. Hughes works with patients to address a variety of mental health, behavioral, and emotional concerns, including, but not limited to:

You can find many of the conditions Dr. Hughes treats in the DSM-5, but you dont need a diagnosable mental health concern to benefit from working with a psychiatrist. If you or your child is struggling, Dr. Hughes may be able to help.

A Passion for Helping Young Adults

Patients often ask, “Why do you work exclusively with teens and young adults?” Dr. Hughes loves working with this dynamic age group. His patients motivate and inspire him as they prosper and overcome challenges.

Dr. Hughes knows personally that a few key people can transform a life. When he graduated high school, he didn’t know what he wanted to do professionally. He lacked direction. Luckily, Dr. Hughes connected with the right mentors throughout his undergraduate training that helped him discover his passion for helping others and pointed him in the right direction.

The teen and young adult years are a critical time for development. The decisions made during these key years will shape a lifetime. Dr. Hughes is excited to work with young people and help them to navigate this complex and challenging time.

Dr. Hughes’ Treatment Philosophy

There is an art to practicing medicine. Successful treatment is dependent on finding a doctor with a treatment philosophy that resonates with you and your goals. Dr. Hughes will share more about his treatment philosophy and ideals as you and your child meet with him.

These key principles guide Dr. Hughes as he helps his patients to succeed:

Psychiatry is the ultimate form of preventative medicine. Young patients are uniquely positioned to make dramatic changes, changes that can completely turn the trajectory of their lives. Providing young people with tools and resources to make these changes is a powerful form of preventative medicine that can stop problematic behaviors, prevent the development of additional mental health concerns, and promote mental wellbeing and physical health.

Mental health concerns can carry a significant stigma, a problem that keeps many patients from seeking the treatments they need. Dr. Hughes believes that seeking treatment is a healthy and beneficial decision, one that should be honored. He helps his patients to overcome the stigma of mental illness and feel confident in who they are and are striving to become.

The goal is to get each patient to a place where they can thrive on their own. However, patients are welcomed to continue treatment long term at The C.U.B.E.

Dr. Hughes helps his patients develop new tools, but the patients are the ones that will use these tools to create a meaningful life. We want each patient to accept and love who they are, with the ability make changes if that is what is desired.

Feel confident about your inner strengths.

A Family-Centered Approach

There are some problematic dynamics in play when working with young patients.

Meeting with both the teen and their family can improve communication and foster the conditions needed for lasting change. When parents support their children in the therapy process, teens can feel empowered to make the appropriate choices to transform their lives.

Dr. Hughes works with the whole family as needed. He loves empowering parents to support their children.

Stance on Medication

Psychiatrists have many tools available to help their patients; medications are just one option. Dr. Hughes has extensive training about the available pharmaceutical medications for mental illness and knows how to use these treatments when needed.

While medications can be helpful in some situations, they are often unneeded. Many patients benefit significantly from therapy  without the need for medications.

If Dr. Hughes believes that medications are necessary, hell discuss your options with you before writing the prescription. He wants his patients to be actively involved in their care and to play an essential role in treatment decisions.

Contact Dr. Hughes in Los Angeles, CA

Are you looking for a psychiatrist that specializes in teens and young adults? Contact Dr. Thomas Hughes by calling 213-433-2823 [-CUBE].