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Dr. Thomas Hughes and The C.U.B.E. Approach

Dr. Thomas Hughes seeks to help patients and families to succeed, both in treatment and in real life. By integrating years of advanced psychological training and medical training, Dr. Hughes carefully crafted his approach to utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy and medicine to maximize the success of adolescents and young adults.

Learn how being a patient at The C.U.B.E. can make your experience with mental health care productive and effective. We serve patients throughout the Los Angeles, CA area.

Connecting with Patients and Fast-Tracking Success

Many people spend years in treatment and see minimal results. Treatment becomes something to do, not something that transforms. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Dr. Hughes believes that therapy works best as a short-term facilitator. Patients are provided with the tools they need for a more productive life and taught how to use them rapidly to see concrete change. Transformation is highly motivating, and as patients see small successes, they become poised to make more significant changes.

Treatment is a process, and a few bumps along the way are inevitable.  As patients come to therapy, we talk about successes and failures too. We learn lessons together, reframe experiences, and set goals on the path to healthier choices. Along the way, Dr. Hughes empowers his patients with tools for success.

Once patients master these tools, they are ready to succeed on their own. The amount of time needed to achieve goals varies from patient to patient, but all patients are put on a track to eventually  no longer rely on mental health services to thrive.

What Is the C.U.B.E? How Can It Help My Child?

Treating teens and young adults requires a team approach to achieve a common goal.  The C.U.B.E. is Dr. Hughes’ approach to treatment. It helps him to empower patients to achieve goals and make substantive changes in their lives. C.U.B.E. is an acronym, with each letter representing an emphasis on the most important aspects of the therapy he performs.


Connect: Establish a Relationship with the Patient

Relationships are the key to therapy success. Patients must feel that they can safely share and connect with their doctor.

Since Dr. Hughes works primarily with adolescents and young adults, he must build relationships with the patient and often times with family.


Uplift: Help Patients Feel Good About Themselves & Their Situation. There Is Hope

When you’re stuck in a destructive pattern, it is easy to feel discouraged about yourself and your situation. Dr. Hughes knows that his patients are more than their mistakes and struggles. He helps them to see the good. Hope is more powerful than discouragement and is the key to making lasting, meaningful change.

Hope motivates, and motivation is the key to truly transforming.


Build: Develop Skills for Life and Handling the Addiction

Many patients come with an empty toolbox. They want to change, but they don’t know how. Dr. Hughes uses his advanced understanding of the brain and thought processes to teach patients better ways of dealing with tough situations.

He shows patients that they do have options and provides actionable tools that patients can use when confronted with life’s inevitable challenges.

It’s easier to chop down a tree when you have an axe. Likewise, it is easier to confront difficulties in life when you have the right tools.


Empower: Help the Patient to Become Self-Sufficient

Treatment doesn’t have to be a permanent thing.  The mission of The C.U.B.E is to eventually scale back the frequency of visits so patients can start thriving on their own, while still receiving occasional guidance for issues as they arise.

Seeing change is empowering, and patients find this aspect of therapy highly motivating. You’ve put in the work, and now you’ll reap the rewards.

The goal is always to one day come to a place where treatment is no longer needed. The emphasis on empowerment is how this happens.

FAQs About the C.U.B.E Method in Los Angeles, CA

 Medications are only utilized at The C.U.B.E. if necessary. Medications can be a useful tool for some patients, but some people may not need them. If medications are needed, it could be on a temporary basis.  If medications are needed long term, The C.U.B.E. can be helpful with this too.  We create an individualized treatment plan for each patient. There is a lot we can try before starting medications.

Treatment timelines vary significantly. Our goal is for our patients to thrive on their own eventually, but the amount of time needed to achieve this goal will depend on many factors. Come in for your first visit with Dr. Hughes, and we can give you a better idea of what to expect. Even after completing treatment, some patients may wish to continue maintenance sessions.  A continued relationship with The C.U.B.E. after completion of treatment is welcomed and can be discussed.

Dr. Hughes addresses many psychological and behavioral concerns, including A.D.H.D., depression, anxiety, internet gaming disorder, autism, bipolar disorder, and many other conditions found in the DSM-5.

Dr. Hughes primarily works with teens and young adults (and their families). Our target age range is between 13-26.  Although rare, Dr. Hughes may make exceptions for older or younger patients.

The C.U.B.E was created to facilitate connection and help our patients to succeed. This unique program is highly structured and provides actional changes that patients can make to transform their lives and thrive.  Dr. Hughes is able to use medications, but also emphasizes behavioral techniques, diet, exercise, and good relationships with ancillary providers (ex: pediatricians, dieticians, family therapists).

We’ll create a custom treatment schedule that works for you. Many patients meet with Dr. Hughes every couple of weeks. Depending on acuity, some patients will meet weekly. As one’s skills develop, we scale down the frequency until patients are ready to thrive on their own.

Learn more about the C.U.B.E by scheduling your first visit with Dr. Thomas Hughes, a psychiatrist in Los Angeles, CA. Contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment.