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Adolescent & Young Adult Psychiatry

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About The C.U.B.E

The pressures that teens and young adults face in our society can be daunting.  Young people are more at risk than ever for psychological disorders. If you are searching for proven cognitive behavioral therapy and/or medication management, I have the answers you need. I believe in a unique treatment philosophy in which patients will be given the tools needed to be successful on their own. By utilizing The C.U.B.E. Psychiatric Services, patients work through a series of steps- Connect, Uplift, Build, and Empower– to help them thrive on their own.

By working with The C.U.B.E. Psychiatric Services early in life, patients will be fully equipped to face life’s challenges on their own. Read on to learn more about The C.U.B.E. approach to providing mental health services in Los Angeles, CA.

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Meet Dr. Thomas Hughes

I am highly passionate about helping young adults, adolescents, and their families.  I believe that helping young people start their life on the right path is what medicine should be about.

Today’s parents are doing everything they can to ensure their child’s happiness and success, while young adults are discovering themselves independently. I use my experience, knowledge, and care to invest in proven treatment methods that will ultimately help patients flourish in the long run.

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GeneSight Testing

About the GeneSight Test

GeneSight is a pharmacogenomic test that analyzes clinically important genetic variations that may affect your response to medications. The results of the test can provide your doctor with information about which medications may be more likely to work. It can also identify medications that may require dose adjustments or have an increased risk of side effects based on your genetic makeup. You can find more information about the GeneSight test at or click the links below.

Genesight Test Info:

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Clinical Evidence:

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What To Expect

You can expect a friendly, transformative journey that is centered around rebuilding relationships and empowerment. Although I am a psychiatrist, I also strongly believe in investing in therapy first, and will only use medication when necessary. Please be ready to openly discuss your issues in a relaxed, welcoming environment.

Hours of Operation

Monday:  By appointment only

Wednesday:  By appointment only

Saturday: By appointment only

Sunday: By appointment only

Your First Visit

In your first meeting, I will meet with you and discuss the current issues.  Your whole family is welcome to talk in this first meeting, and all perspectives are welcome.

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About The C.U.B.E.

About The C.U.B.E.

CONNECT– Establish a Relationship with the Patient.
UPLIFT– Help Patients Feel Good About Themselves and Their Situation. There Is Hope.
BUILD– Develop Skills for Life and Handling the Problem.
EMPOWER– Help the Patient to Become Self-Sufficient.

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Your First Visit

Your First Visit

Visit the contact page and begin a path to an empowered, better future. I will listen about your unique situation and develop the treatment plan that will benefit everyone involved.

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